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Jersey Redesign Contest

As we are always looking towards a bright future, we have begun planning for the new 2021-2022 season. One of the most exciting aspects of this new season is that after 2 long years, we will finally be able to call our newly renovated Raymond Bourque arena home.

Our new arena revives a long and successful chapter in the history of Hockey Saint-Laurent as generations of players have trained, learned, played and fought hard to win their respective levels with an ultimate effort to bring prestige to the city of Saint-Laurent through its hockey program.

In this context, the new Raymond Bourque Arena will become home again to a new and old generation of players and their families for years to come.

As part of our relaunch efforts, we have decided to revamp the Saint-Laurent logo for our inaugural season at our modernized arena and the best part is that we want our hockey community to be a big part of that overhaul moving forward.

The HSL committee is proud to announce that it will kick off the launch of our new Raymond Bourque arena, with a community wide contest for HSL members and their families to redesign a new LOGO, JERSEYS and TEAM NAMES.  This will transform HSL uniforms for years to come.

We encourage all to submit an entry and perhaps your designs will be the new face of Hockey Saint-Laurent!

Contest Rules

Contest Date:
The contest will be a period of one month beginning effective March 15th 2021 and closing at 11:59 pm April 15th 2021.

Contest Prize:
One winner will be selected among all the submissions for each category. The winners will be awarded a combined $300.00 gift card from Sports Expert based on the following categories:

Logo design: prize $150.00
Jersey design: prize $100.00
Team names selections: prize $50.00

Contest Guidelines

  1. Contestants can submit all or part of contest categories.
  2. Contestants can win any and/or all categories.
  3. Colors that may be used (or any shade of these colors)
    1. Black
    2. Orange (Mandatory)
    3. Gold
    4. Silver
    5. Blue
    6. White
  1. Design new HSL LOGO
  2. Design new HOME & AWAY Jerseys (one jersey must be white) - please use the following form for your design: Logo Form
  3. Create - 1 AA team name (logo design should keep AA team name in mind or vice versa)
  4. Create - 3 single letter team names
  5. Contest entry may be done individually, group or family.
  6. Entries with only team names will be accepted.
  7. Have Fun!


To submit your entry:

Create your design as per the rules above

Sign the disclaimer form: Disclaimer

Email your submission with the proper forms to concours@hockeystl.com


Contest disclaimer:

  1. Winning entry will be voted on by a unanimous majority by the HSL committee.
  2. Contest winner will have their design in whole or in part be represented as the new look for HSL.
  3. Final logo and jersey may not be the identical to the winners’ design. The winning logo and jersey design may be subject to professional modification, redesign and/or used as inspiration of the final logo and jersey designs. The HSL committee will vote on the final design.
  1. Legal disclaimer: All entries submitted will have to come with an accepted legal disclaimer by the contestant(s) that they are handing over full rights of their entry over to Hockey Saint-Laurent. HSL will have full legal authority to use, distribute, advertise and/or modify the designs in any shape or form it deems appropriate. The submission party(ies) will without conditions turn over all ownership of their design(s) and it shall become the creative, physical, and intellectual property of HSL to be used at their discretion. There will be no affiliation, compensation (other than described above for the contest winner) and/or legal recourse by the submitting party to reclaim their design, royalties or damages should the design be used in whole or in part. This disclaimer is applicable for any submission entered and not just those of the contest winners.

We have gone through a difficult year and we hope that this contest will be the dawn of a fresh and exciting time in Hockey Saint-Laurent.

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