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Schedule of Events

Registration (June to September)

Registration for the following season typically opens up after the AGA (Annual General Assembly).  This gives the newly elected board members a chance to discuss important topics that could affect the cost of registration for the coming season.

We usually have an early registration period with a discounted price up until a certain date and then it switches over to the regular price.

Registration is open from U7 to U21.

Camps (end of August)

Hockey Saint-Laurent usually has a "mise-en-forme" camp towards the end of August to help players get their legs back under them and get back on the ice.  These camps are NOT used for evaluations or double letter selections.

Camps are optional and open to players who have already registered for the season within the U9 to U21 age groups.

Evaluation Period (September - Mid October)

The evaluation period is used to place players into the proper groups to maximize their learning and experience.  Hockey Saint-Laurent is now using independent evaluators to help ensure that players are placed in the correct groups which later go on to form the teams for the upcoming season.  It is important for players to be present for practices and scrimmages so they they can be evaluated properly.

Players can be moved to different groups throughout the evaluation period and we do our best to only make moves once per week to avoid scheduling confusion.

Forming Teams (October)

The evaluation period helps us to determine rosters for the teams (U9-U21).  The number of players per team and the numbers of teams per level (A-B or C) and done by following strict guidelines from Hockey Quebec that Hockey Saint-Laurent must adhere too.  Following these guidelines helps to ensure that teams across all levels and associations are fair and competitive.

The Hockey Season (mid October - February/March)

The season for U11 through to U21 (Single letter teams) usually start in mid October.  U9 games start in November and run until February/March.  All teams make the playoffs and those begin approximately 2 weeks after the regular season has ended.

The game schedule is determined by the number of teams from all associations and the  EHL uses this information to form a schedule for all levels.  This cannot be done until each association has submitted the number of teams per level/per age level.

Scheduling (Ongoing)

Generating a schedule takes into consideration many, many factors.  A schedule is usually one of the final items to be completed.

As a hockey parent, you can expect to have at least 3 events per week.  Those events can be 2 practices and 1 game, 2 games and 1 practice or 3 practices in a week.  The schedule is not fixed and can be different from week to week.

We use TeamSnap to manage our schedule and it is important for all parents to make sure to install the app and look out for an invite (for new registrations only) as the schedules will be available within the app.

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