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Tournament Volunteer Schedule

If you need to change a shift or have a scheduling conflict, please send a message to communications@hockeystl.com

DatePositionVolunteer NameShift
Jan 12Office 1Vivian Tsellos4pm - 10pm
Jan 12Office 2Ray Daoud4pm - 10pm
Jan 12Office 3Mike Tarasco4pm - 10pm
DatePositionVolunteer NameShift
Jan 13Office 1Vivian Tsellos4pm - 10pm
Jan 13Office 2Kosta Segounis4pm - 10pm
Jan 13Office 2VACANT4pm - 10pm
DatePositionVolunteer NameShift
Jan 14Office 1Kosta Kastrounis7am - 12pm
Jan 14Office 2John Chatzidakis7am - 12pm
Jan 14Office 1VACANT12pm - 6pm
Jan 14Office 2VACANT12pm - 6pm
Jan 14Office 1Nick Galanogeorgos6pm - 11pm
Jan 14Office 2Pierre-Luc Beachamp6pm - 11pm
Jan 14Office 2Betty Papadakis6pm - 11pm
DatePositionVolunteer NameShift
Jan 15Office 1Kosta Kastrounis7am - 12pm
Jan 15Office 2Andy7am - 12pm
Jan 15Office 1Pierre-Luc Beauchamp12pm - 6pm
Jan 15Office 2Nick Galanogeorgos12pm - 6pm
Jan 15Office 1Ray Daoud6pm - 11pm
Jan 15Office 2John Chatzidakis6pm - 11pm
DatePositionVolunteer NameShift
Jan 16Office 1Jessica Benabou4pm - 11pm
Jan 16Office 2John Chatzidakis4pm - 11pm
DatePositionVolunteer NameShift
Jan 17Office 1Ray Daoud4:30pm - 5:30pm
Jan 17Office 2Jaimie Auger5:30pm - 11pm
Jan 17Office 1 (ETC)Ray Alcindor4:15pm - 8pm
Jan 17Office 2 (ETC)Kosta Segounis4:15pm - 8pm
DatePositionVolunteer NameShift
Jan 18Office 1Mike Tarasco4pm - 11pm
Jan 18Office 2Betty Papadakis4pm - 11pm
Jan 18Office 1 (ETC)VACANT4:15pm - 8pm
Jan 18Office 2 (ETC)VACANT4:15pm - 8pm
DatePositionVolunteer NameShift
Jan 19Office 1Pierre-Luc Beauchamp4pm - 11pm
Jan 19Office 2VACANT4pm - 11pm
DatePositionVolunteer NameShift
Jan 20Office 1Ray Daoud4pm - 11pm
Jan 20Office 2Lysanne Abelardo4pm - 11pm
DatePositionVolunteer NameShift
Jan 21Office 1Vivian Tsellos7am - 12pm
Jan 21Office 2Kosta Kastrounis7am - 12pm
Jan 21Office 1Andy12pm - 6pm
Jan 21Office 2VACANT12pm - 6pm
Jan 21Office 1Ray Daoud6pm - 11pm
Jan 21Office 2Mike Tarasco6pm - 11pm
Jan 21Office (Cegep)Betty Papadakis7am - 10am
Jan 21Office (Cegep)VACANT10am - 2pm
DatePositionVolunteer NameShift
Jan 22Office 1Jessica Benabou7am - 12pm
Jan 22Office 2VACANT7am - 12pm
Jan 22Office 1Mitch Mayberger12pm - 6pm
Jan 22Office 2VACANT12pm - 6pm
Jan 22Office 1Betty Papadakis6pm - 11pm
Jan 22Office 2Mike Tarasco6pm - 11pm
Jan 22Office 3Lysanne Abelardo6pm - 11pm

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