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Hockey sur Mesure

This year, Hockey Saint-Laurent has launched a new program called “Hockey sur Mesure”. So what is hockey sur mesure?

This program is aimed at those players who still enjoy getting on the ice and playing hockey but either their schedules don’t allow them to commit to a competitive hockey schedule or they just want to play in a relaxed environment.

The program will have 1 coach per 6 players and the schedule will be fixed to 1 event per week (Tuesday nights). The hour could be split into 30 minutes of practice and a 30 minute game or more time can be spent on one or the other, it’s all just for fun!

With Arena Raymond Bourque opening its doors for all activities this fall, we finally have the extra ice time to be able to offer this program, so for only $150 for the season (October to February), why not give it a try?!

Players who are registered in the regular program or school hockey are not eligible to register in the Hockey Sur Mesure program.

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