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About MAHG / Pre-Novice


The MAHG Program (Méthode d’Apprentissage de Hockey sur Glace) is in response to initiation requirements for hockey in the province of Quebec. The MAHG Program was created and fully respects standards relating to long-term player development. It is up to those in charge of hockey, locally and regionally, to ensure that the method is applied correctly as well as other aspects of the rules and regulations. The rules were created and adopted in terms of the welfare of the youngster learning fundamental hockey skills while still having fun.

The Initiation sector of Hockey Québec is aimed towards the Pre-Novice and Novice divisions, which is to say that it is for players of 4 to 8 years old.

In order to teach the rudiments of hockey to these young children, the federation has developed a training program based on learning different technical skills and techniques, through lessons and play. This program is call “Méthode d’Apprentissage de Hockey sur Glace” and is made up of 4 teaching levels to accommodate all levels of hockey players 5 to 8 years old or younger.

Initiation Objectives

·         Acquire basic knowledge of the game

·         Develop basic technical skills

·         Learn progressively and repetitively

·         Respect each youngster’s pace of learning

Points Emphasized by the Program

·         Skating ability

·         Puck handling

·         Small area games


We will officially kick off the Pre-NOVICE hockey season for on September 28th. Please consult the schedule by following these steps:


1.   Equipes / Teams -> CHOOSE A TEAM -> MAHG

2.   Select a Group

3.   Click on Roster to see the participants for that group.


1.   Click on Equipes / Teams

2.   Under Select a Team -> MAHG

3.   Select a Group and then click on Roster to see the participants for that group


Additionally, you can install the SSU Play app (Sports SignUp Play) to follow the schedule. You will need to log into the app with the same credentials used to log into the site so that it can associate you to the correct player.

Groups are separated into first year MAHG players (MAHG 1 born in 2014-2015) and returning or second year MAHG players (MAHG 2 born in 2013). The groups are further separated in alphabetical order. First two sessions will be evaluation. The evaluations are used mainly to form homogeneous sub-groups that the initiation coaches work with throughout the program. The children are then put into groups where their level of skill and pace of learning are respected. 


As you are all aware the Raymond Bourque arena is under renovation and Hockey Saint-Laurent will be running the pre-Novice program at Hockey Etcetera (5920 Chemin de la Côte-de-Liesse, Mont-Royal, QC H4T 1C9), Due to availability and circumstances, some practices may be relocated to other facilities. You will be advised prior to scheduled changes.  Schedule for now will be as follows:

Friday: 17h15-18h15

Saturday: 9h45-10h45 / 11h00-12h00 / 12h15-13:15

Sunday: 13h30-14h30 / 14h45-15h45

Hockey Etcetera is constructing a second arena.  Construction is scheduled to be completed by the end of October 2019.  Once construction is complete our schedule will change to make use of the additional ice time.

Some practices may be held at Arena Ronald Caron (Cegep Saint-Laurent). This arena requires a parking code: VC6262


In addition to the Pre-Novice development, we will be playing friendly games versus other associations after the winter holidays.  At times players will be asked to travel to other association’s arenas. Hockey Saint-Laurent will also register in a hockey Pre-Novice Festival. Four years old might not be permitted to participate due to hosting association rules.



Your child will require full hockey gear in order to be able to get on the ice.  Please consult this page to familiarize yourself with the equipment needed (  Sports experts sells a “kit” that contains a major part of the required equipment and the staff can help you with the rest of the equipment not included in the kit.


Hockey Saint-Laurent will provide your child with a practice jersey that they will use all season, but you will need to provide your own hockey socks.  No other equipment is provided by Hockey Saint-Laurent.


For any questions or inquires, please contact

Thank you and have a great season!